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(hotshotting) best mods for rigs used to tow?

Hey guys, i have recently purchased my first dually,13 silverado, and pretty much took it cross country and back the day following purchase. I pulled a 24ft bumper pull enclosed "LOOK" car trailer. I went from l.a., ca. to philly, PA picked up the car, then turned her round and headed to monterey, ca. I came down the coast empty to home base... Time on this project was of the escence, so i am sure i could have made small adjustments when i wasnt in cruise control. I have towed 1 car trailers for 10 years, this was my first trip cross country and back. When the car show is completed, I am going to pull the car back to philly, pa, however i will be doing it in "MY TRAILER" which will be a 24ft gooseneck enclosed trailer, and i believe it is actually lighter overall than the bumper pull. My overall main concern is improving fuel effeciency/ fuel mileage, and my question is what are the most important mods that i should look into, and if i had to put them in an order if i say couldnt just order everything all at once. I have been looking into :
-a programmer/tuner
-rear air bags
-mud flaps just so i dont ruin the trailer
I have used dmax dually's in the past as i worked on chevy manufacturere car commercials/media/printwork, i worked with the vehicles, and our workhorses were cclb drw 4x4's, anyhow, this is the first time i have had the pleasure of owning one, and its been over a decade since the first dually i was in, so driving this new one is quite the learning curve, at least lil stuff like the def, and having to make sure i always have at least 5 gallons onboard, at least imo. Time to do first fluid change and chassis lube, basically the 7500mile service. Also, im up for any suggestions from any of you guys who may do alot of long distance, cross country towing, on ways to help save money, like i was planning on sleeping on the upper deck of the gn trailer, we even have a aerobed i was thinkin of trying out. I stayed in hotels on the first leg of the trip just cuz the bumper pull wasnt setup to sleep in.... nor was i prepared to sleep in the trailer. I had to basically jump in the truck and go, so i didnt really have time to prepare so to speak, so i realize a lil common sense can be used for things like drinks and food, basically not buying it from restaurants/rest stop/gas stations, wondering if anyone brings a grill and cooks, with pre- prepared food. wouldnt be hard, to eat good for cheap? what about keeping a firearm in the trailer when you sleep?
thx guys so sorry for the long *** post! I LOVE MY NEW TRUCK SO [email protected]#$! cant wait to use it to pick up my brand new car trailer in a couple days too! ok ok im done.

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