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Originally Posted by TEXASCOASTIE View Post
Jounce bumpers AKA bump stops go to dmaxstore.com new Z71 pointed style are like 50 bucks. One 15 mm nut hold them on 10 min job tops.

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Thanks Texas! You've pointed me in the right direction. Glad I'm not looking at big $'s for a repair. Doing searches and coming up w/ quite a bit of info.

Looks like the way most people are going is the Z71 pointed style as you say. Have seen anyone actually confirmed the material difference, if any, between the two types? I'm sure as heck not going back w/ the original type. 30k miles on my 7 year old truck -- they must have disintegrated b/c of the air.

Any step by step install instructions anywhere? Can I do this w/ truck on ground or do I need to jack up?
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