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700r4 tv problem?

I just rebuilt my 700r4 in my 89 and im having a problem with the tv cable setting. Ive set plenty of them and never had a problem until this one. I bought a new tv cable from the dealer and did the factory setting and i had soft shifts at light throttle but good shifts at heavy throttle. So i pulled the pan and its pushing the plunger all the way in at full throttle but its releasing it all the way at idle. From all the transmissions ive ever done and from the people ive talked to i know there is suppose to be a small amount of preload on the plunger at idle. Ive looked for longer springs but havent found any so i bought a longer one and put it in and now it shifts good but the spring is to stiff and i also notice that if im going from reverse to drive and the truck is rolling even a little back it will make the tv plunger stick and not move until i stop and shut the truck off and start again. When it does stick like this it shifts kind of late and firm and theres no downshifting when you step on the throttle. Im assuming it sticking because the throttle gets really hard to push and it feels like its just compressing the tv spring. Anyone have any ideas about this?

1987 Chevy 4x4, was 305 tbi then 355 carbed now 6.2 diesel, engine had 120000 to 130000 on it when I got it, 6.5 turbo set up, .010 head gaskets, gm-8 turbo, rebuilt 700r4, np208, 3.73 front dana 44, 3.73 14 bolt sf rear, 4 inch lift 32s

1998 chevy k3500 mechanical 6.5 td, 4l80e, complete interior out of an 89 k1500. My johnny cash truck one piece at a time. Started with a bare cab and frame. Has the dash out of a 1992 c3500 in it but i would really like to convert it to a DS4. I know i might be crazy for that. Cant decide whether i want OBD I or OBD II. I like the looks of the new 95 and up dash but it want exactly easy to change it to the 88-94 dash.
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