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Originally Posted by legendman View Post
Is this from a jug or the tank?

Both pumps bad?
Jug and tank both. I;m almost certain that my mech pump is bad but it's passed the air bleed test when it was running. Air bleed open and good strong fuel flow, and no hesitation in the engine. Went and tested the electric fuel pump at my mechanics shop and it pumped a litre/quart of fuel in 30 secs. But that was flowing down and at home I'm flowing up so I thought maybe if I raised the fuel jug that would help, whoops some fuel sploshed out and got on the connections, bunch of sparks and smoke and melted wires. Pump is definitley bad now. So put the mechanical pump back on (what a joy) and bypassed the fuel filter using an inline filter but still no fuel flow. I'm stumped. Have a new mech fuel pump ordered for tomorrow morning. Cross my fingers.

I'm starting to think there were a few fuel problems and the last one was the straw that broke the camels back.
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