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So I'm finally going to have some time tomorrow to look at things. Here's an update so far.

Have had many difficult starts including 2 no starts. Once I got it towed and we thought it was bad fuel but I don't think so any more. The next time my mechanic came down the next day and after almost an hour of bleeding air we got it to start, with one start then die in the attempt.

I have a clear line on the return and there are very fine bubbles coming through. Not always but they are present. there is absolutely NO signs of a fuel leak anywhere. So this means what? It's after the fuel pump or before?? Maybe the fuel filter? There is no fuel in the valley and no sign of fuel at the throttle seals. I've tightened and re-tightened all the hose clamps and the fitting at the fuel pump. Also there is no fuel in the oil. The situation happens regardless of the amount of fuel in the tank. Although the 2 no starts were when the tank was quite a bit less than full although I added 40 litres/10 gallons , bringing the tank up to almost full and still had the no start situation.

Oh and i do have a very small fuel leak in the return system. In the steel line just above where the pass side injectors return into the main line. I don't think that could cause these problems though could it? I've had that leak for 2 years or so. It's always drained the IP return in the bottom 1/2 of the return but the top 1/2 stays full at least that was the case a couple years ago when i had the clear line on. I removed it quite a while ago because it was getting brittle. I just put it on again an hour ago or so so I'll have to see if the top 1/2 is draining now. If so could the siphon effect be doing that? I know lots of questions, lots of variables.

Tomorrow I'm going to pressurize the system. I'll also use some clear line most likely if that doesn't work. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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