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Originally Posted by GenBiltstein View Post
Did you or anyone else conduct any maintenance on the truck? If you did then think about hat was done.

You should have gotten DTC 12. If you didn't then something is up with the self diagnosing capability with the truck.
This is what I pulled off of the net.
DTC 34 24x Crankshaft position sensor circuit error??
DTC 94 - Cylinder Balance Fault #5 Cyl?

I would check and see if you do have a crankshaft position sensor and check the connectivity.

As far as cylinder unbalance I can't answer..
Could be that the code was missread:

DTC 36 - Injection Pulse Width Error (Time Long)
Code 94 does not show up in any of my searches for OBD1

OBD 1 code list is linked in my signature.
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