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LML and LML Powerpuck $.02

Just put a power puck on my Denali. Here are my thoughts.

Installation: unplug the fuel pressure sensor and plug it in. About five minutes. Does not require fuel shims, but they come in the box. Tech support has no idea why.

Power: Seems pretty good. A bit more than I expected. Truck basically feels a lot lighter. I wanted to get an idea of how much fuel the box was adding, so i got an a long very flat stretch of freeway, set the cruise at seventy, and reset the DIC at different settings. I let the dash take a thirty second average. Stock I get 21MPG under the same set of conditions. With the knob turned down, the DIC reads 23 MPG. With the knob maxed, the DIC reads 28 MPG. Of course these numbers are not correct. It just gives an idea of how much unaccounted fuel.

Engine Noise: Defiantly more chatter as expected. Even at cruise, you get a faint consistent growl. I donít really like the sound at cruise. Its a bit nagging.

Adjustability: It has a small knob adjustment to mound under the dash. It doesnít seem like you can turn it all the way off. I wish you could though. The small amount of power doesnít justify the noise. Iíve been probing around with the multi meter. I may have to add the feature.

Other: With it turned all the way up, it causes problems during regen. I found this out on accident. At WOT, during regen, the truck will surge, buck and kick. I'm almost positive I was draining the rail. I would try to confirm this, but I won't try it again on purpose.

Overall: Its defiantly worth $300. It will hold me over until efi live remembers who got them where they are (when hell freezes over), or PPE releases their offering after SEMA. Even then, I may keep it to stack with a daily driver tune. Any power struggles creep up; just turn it up.

I have a friend that loves messing with me in his tuned Cummins since the LMM's been gone. Its the first time he's been in the same area code. He knows its short lived, he just doesnít realize it will be tomorrow.

Thoughts on the 2011 trucks.

Pros: The chassis if phenomenal. The interior is awesome. Stock, the truck is silent. It feels beastly.

The Denali package makes women throw themselves at you. ( it really does, I'm serious)

Cons: The DPF is killing me. I hate the lack of low end power. The peddle feel sucks. The CP4.2 should be called a CP2.2.

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