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  1. Remove Dash Bezel, pull out cup holder a little bit, lower steering column and put the gear shifter in 1st gear.
  2. Start at a corner of the bezel and and pull. Work all the way around the top until all the clips or undone. After that, look in the back and unhook the headlight, cargo light, and 4x4 switch connectors (if equipped)
  3. Remove and set the bezel aside.
  4. Take a 1/4 drive set with the correct sized socket and remove the 4 bolts that hold the gauge cluster in place.
  5. Pull the gauge cluster straight out and after it slides out of the connector in the back remove all the way.
  6. Flip the cluster face down. The illumination lights will be labeled ILL (see pics).
  7. Twist (CCW) and pull the bulb/socket out.
  8. Pull the bulb out of its socket (can be difficult)
  9. Straighten out the new bulbs leads and slide it into the socket. Once in fold the leads around each side of the metal contact on socket.
  10. Place the socket back into the hole and twist (CW).
  11. Reverse the removal procedure
Note: It may help you to check the dash lights before closing everything back up on the truck.
Note(2): Try not to touch the printed circuit on the back of the gauge cluster.

The bulbs the Illumination lights are 168 or 194 (both work for it iirc)


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