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That's gonna be a hard one to get, and I'm not cutting up my spare 8 for ya

What exactly is it that you want the pic for? I know em inside and out, I just don't have any exploded or cross sectionals.

WAIT! I lied... I JUST found something on google.

Now... Other then the fact that it's in German, and it's not a Gm-8 (RHC6) This is an RHB6, Both are made by IHI, and they are built very similar, except the RHB6 doesn't flow as much air.

See, same family tree, just the baby compaired to the 4rd largest lol.

The major difference is when they switched from the wastegate in the housing, as seen in the pic below, in the gm-4 and went to the wastegate in the turbine outlet elbow for the Gm-8.

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