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clunk when making a sharp right turn

i know i know a mod posting in the wrong forum.

Anyways, not sure if this has been happening all along and it's just getting worse now, or it it started randomly.

two days ago i replaced my pad and rotors. pad's were the cheap NAPA's and they were cracked to hell and back after less than a year, and still had ~60% pad life left. Repacked the bearings as they were fine(gotta love timken's from the factory). New oil seals w/ new rotors as well.

Now whenever i make a sharp right turn(yank the wheel to the right) I get a clunk. I can feel the clunk in the floor area. I checked to make sure all the lug nuts were tight, and torqued them down to 135 ft lbs(charts call for 140).

also regreased the front end and inspected everything. truck's got a year old pitman arm on it. no other steering parts have been changed(at least not since i've owned it).

Any ideas?


- Dave


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