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Take the tire off obviously. Pull the 4 bolts out of the back side wheel bearing assembly, two will be on the upper control arm two on the lower. Pull the entire wheel bearing/Hub assembly/ABS assembly off. Then drive the studs out of the hub assembly, be sure to use a rubber mallet and or put the lug nuts back on and keep them flush with the stud to keep from damaging your threads. Once the studs are out your rotor will be free, then just repeat the process in reverse. I

I know thats pretty breif but youll get the idea. I learned how to get them out on my 95 2500 the hard way. (thought they were siezeed to my hub so my buddy gets the bright idea to torch it and heat it up, haha wrong. I ended up pulling the whole assembly off and doing as I told you, got the rotors off but found he burnt my wheel bearing up. Which if you didnt know costs between $350-400 to replace because it is all one assembly. Once I figured it out it only took me 30 minutes to replace the other side, and Im hardly a hobby mechanic.

Hope this helps, and i hope its the same as my 95, Im pretty confident it will be. Let me know if youve got anymore questions.


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