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Thanks for the offer Chris. I forgot to bring your number with me Saturday to the track. We did stop by the Jim Beam distillery, it's a normal stop for us if we are on I65 south of Louisville. So we were in a dry county, but had plenty of Jim Beam products to drink. But, there's nothing like a cold beer...
I had my wife with me, I was surprised she even wanted to go. She did really good, and we made it thru most of the day Saturday at the track. I thought I would share a few things I heard her say at the track that day. I am pretty sure I won't start too many fights, but after all it is her thoughts not mine, and this is a forum for mostly full size Chevy guys. So here goes.

Overheard from my wife aka "the Agent" at Havoc 2008
About the mini trucks: "what is the deal with these low rider trucks? If I thought of what a gay guy would drive that would be it. You would have to be gay to drive one of those."
About the mini truck guys walking around with no shirts on:
"See what I mean they even look gay. I mean they don't even have any hair! Do they shave it so they can be the fem?!?"
About the Ford Super duty new body style trucks on the 1/4 mile:
"don't they get it? That is a joke. Someone should tell those fords to go home and stay there. Why can't they do more than 80mph in the 1/4 mile? Why do the let them keep running the 1/4 mile? Someone should get those things (ford superdutys) out of here."

She isn't ready for a stack out the hood yet, but maybe after a couple more events like this....
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