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You need to do this...

I have had some problems with the connections to the batteries, especially the 'burb, with the connections coming loose regularly. I think the GM connections are for the birds. I took them out, replaced them with a combination of 3/8" coarse pitch steel bolts (sure, you can use stainless, but I used regular steel). I used them in lengths of 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" (for the double positives, etc.). I also put nuts AND lock washers on. Here's what I did.

1) Remove all battery side terminal bolts, grounds first, then positives.
2) Take wire brush and Dremel tool with wire brush and clean EVERYTHING until it shines.
3) Remove silly excess rubber hoods over cable ends
4) Put nuts and lock washers on bolts.
5) Place bolt assemblies into positive connectors, and then install them "finger-tight" into the batteries. If you want, you can snug them a little - I probably put them in about 10-12 inch-pounds.
6) Using two open end wrenches, hold the bolt head, and turn the nut/lock washer combo down, tightening the nut against the the connector, which in turn is pushing against the battery terminal. Snug them up well, probably about 10 FOOT-pounds. This is very snug.
7) I then coat the bolts with anti-corrosion gel from NAPA.

This works extremely well. They do NOT loosen, and the current flow is decidedly better. It's certainly never cranked faster. I also put a 4 ga cable from alternator to positive battery terminal, and replaced ALL grounds with 4 ga cables.


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