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Originally Posted by shep View Post
Damn, I wondered where you were. I hope it's nothing too serious. I didn't pull either...didn't get my weight rack fabbed up in time. Once I got there I had every intention of going to the pits, but I got caught up watching and never moved.

The pull was awsome and there were a lot of bad *** trucks, but I have to know what was going on with the DMAX from Wisconsin in the 2.8 class. That thing took off at about 250'. Did it hit 4th or does it have a really tall 2nd gear? Sure it finally got out pulled by the hometown guy, but that was the most impressive pull I may have ever seen. The other truck (almost a twin) from WI with the SFA conversion sounded just plain wicked too.

05 Smoker, hate you had some bad luck as well.

So, do ya'll think were expecting THAT kind of crowd numbers wise?

No we just couldn spool the turbo until about 3 secounds after we hit 4th gear. To bad we didnt have the smaller housing on or i think we might have gave the ts truck and rick a run for there money but thats pulling, congrats to all who pulled and won, but thank god ric at least got close to the ts truck to make the dmaxs look a little better.

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