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Originally Posted by more.power View Post
Does anyone know if there is a compatible LED that will work in this location? I think LED's have a life of 100,000 hours or something ridiculously high like that. Maybe we could even put in colored ones for effect
All LED's are compatible, just different sizes, ie. 5mm, 3mm etc. I put blue LED's to match my Autometer guages in pretty much everything including the cluster and also did some white LED's to make the yellow go away!

Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
I think wiring LEDs involves using resistors as well, so space could be a bit cramped.
True and not true..... All LED's need to have a set limited voltage depending on source V and diode forward ~V and current etc....there is a different option though

In general you do have to use resistors, you are correct but they do have to micro-resistored LED's that are already built in the resitor chip for space issues. I have ordered 50 so I will let you know how they go but they definately look like they will fit alot better than what i have!


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