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The 6.2L FAQ's... The Master List of Information and 6.2 Answers

Many of the answers to common questions on the forum can be found here. Keep in mind that virtually anything that can happen to one of these has already happened and has probably been discussed before, so take a look around before you post. You may just find exactly what you're looking for...

Adding to the 6.2 FAQs - If you see a topic that you want to add or think should be added, please paste a link in a PM to DiaRic OR Freddyack.

Basic Info and Forum Usage -
Other Information and Frequently Asked

Build your ideal 6.2 diesel truck here, lets see how creative we are-Click Here
Let's post up our Detroits -Click Here
6.2 DIY Articles -Click Here
Lets see the operators-Click Here
Square Bodied Restoration Threads -Click Here




Acetone - Do not use in your tank!! It easily evaporates at 70deg.

AC Box - AC Box Mod to fit GM 6.5 Turbo Click Here

Acronyms - Find out meanings to common acronyms.

Additive(s) - Anything added to crankcase or fuel tank to enhance and preserve operation of the engine system.

Air In Fuel -
  • How to remove air from fuel or find a leak in the fuel system Click Here
  • Air in fuel when making right turn Click Here

Air Intake - This allows air to go into the intake manifold... For modifications to this please Click Here

(J Code) Intake Information: https://www.dieselplace.com/forum/63-...ml#post9290602

Alternator - Device that generates current to charge the batteries and power other electrical devices within the vehicle electrical system. Click Here on how to mount a second alternator on your 12 volt rig for added charging power.

Alternator Upgrade Info -22SI 130 amp Alternator Upgrade Click Here AND Click Here

Alternator- Dual Belt - DIY on how to upgrade your single belt pulley to a dual belt to stop slippage. Click Here

Alternative Fuel(s) - Any fuel that is not Diesel. SVO, WVO, Bio-Diesel


Belt Routing Diagrams - Diagrams on belt routing can be found in this thread

Bleeding Fuel Lines - For information about removing air from your fuel system check out this thread

Block Heater - Part numbers for Block Heaters. Click Here

Brakes - Device used to slow or stop a vehicle.

Brochures - GM Sales Brochures, Commercials & Promo's.

............ 1982 ........... 1983 ........... 1984 ........... 1985 ........... 1986 ........... 1987 ........... 1988 ........... 1989 ........... 1990 ........... 1991 ........... 1992 ............


Cab Marker Lights - How to add them if your truck didn't come with them. Click Here

CDR - (Crankcase Depression Regulator) - Similar to a PCV valve on a gasser. It regulates the amount of vacuum in the engine crankcase to prevent oil leaks. Click here for technical info.

Clutch Troubleshooting - Click here

Cranking up the fuel - please see turning up fuel

Cruise Control
CTS (Coolant Temperature Sensor) - see ECT


Date Code - See here on reading the date code Do i have a "red block"? - Page 2 - Diesel Place : Chevrolet and GMC Diesel Truck Forums


ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature) - Sensor that either shows the temperature on your gauge or helps with glow plug time cycle.

EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature. It is important that you know the temperature of the exhaust, as a constant high temperature "may" cause a catastrophic failure. For information regarding a gauge to monitor the EGTs, please see Pyrometer.

Electric Fan Upgade - Upgade for electric fan. from 6.5 section, but lots of great info. Check Here

Engine Codes - Engine code is the 8th digit of the VIN.
  • C - code is the light duty version that was used mostly in the 1/2 ton trucks, and has emissions equipment on it.
  • J - code is the Heavy duty version that was used in the 3/4 and 1 tons trucks, as well as the military trucks and does not have any emissions equipment on it. The IP's were turned up a little higher on these than the C-codes also.

Ether and the 6.2 Check Here


Fan Belt - Diagrams on fan / accessory belt routing can be found in this thread

Fan Clutch - This is a fluid clutch that operates the engine cooling fan. It helps reduce noise and engine drag resulting in higher fuel economy. To modify the clutch to engage at lower temps Check Here

Fan Upgrade - Dinosaur Fan Upgrade Check Here

Fast Idle Solenoid Override - How to run the fast idle on a switch and keep it auto Click Here

Fish Biting - (or fishbiting) This is the description for when the engine may "miss" or may not fire properly for a very brief instant.

Fuel Additives Study DP Additives Study Check Here

Fuel Filtration - Filtering Diesel fuel is very important. Fuel can be dirty and the injection pump requires clean fuel to last.
Fuel Flow - Making Right Turns See Air In Fuel - Air in fuel when making right turn

Fuel System Leaks - How To Find - Thread on how to find fuel leaks in the fuel system Click Here

Fuel Line Sizes - Steel line and rubber hose sizesClick here

Fuel Tank Drain - Tank drain valve for tanks that have the WIF sensor in the tank Click here for post with video of where it is.

Fusible Links - For Pictures Of Bad Fusible Links Click here


Gas to Diesel Conversion - For a list if threads on what to change and the wiring involved Click here

Glow plugs - A small pencil-shaped heater used to heat the pre-combustion chamber for easier starts. For more information Click here.

Harmonic Balancer - Rubber-isolated cast-iron ring and hub assembly mounted on the crankshaft nose that is prone to failure. The balancer fails as the rubber deteriorates, and it contributes to crank breakage/failure.

Harmonic Balancer Install & Tool Proper Tool Usage See Here

Heater Box Overhaul/Reconditioning How to overhaul your heater box Here

Injection Pump (IP) - The fuel delivery device that pumps high pressure fuel for injection into the cylinder at the precise time for a combustion event in the cylinder. The 6.2L used the DB2 Injection Pump from Stanadyne.

A Number Of Injection Manuals Are Below In The Manuals Section

Injectors - Injects diesel fuel into the pre-combustion chambers.

Injector Angle - Difference between 6.2 and 6.5 Click Here




Lift Pump - A device normally located on the front passenger side of the block that pumps fuel to ease the strain on the IP. A common procedure is to eliminate the mechanical lift pump and install an electronic lift pump.


Missing (Misfire) - Engine briefly "misses" a combustion event.

Main Bearing Girdle - How To Make A 5 Main Girdle Click Here


Motor Mount Inserts - Poly Inserts Click Here


If you have any information that you want to add or think should be added, please PM DiaRic OR Freddyack.

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