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Originally Posted by Bolyard View Post
Air Force Basic!?!?!?! Thats like a vactaion lol. Itll be no sweat, they'll give you everything youll need

they extended it a few months ago to get more combat training in. not worried about the training, the instructors gotta break you down to build you up. san antonio in the spring, good temps all day long (i grew up in houston playing football so heat/humidity i'm used to), gonna suck getting woken up before 5am everyday! that part is gonna kick my *** haha.

height and weight i'm good, according to the air force i'm 5'8" (all other doctors i'm 5'10") and weigh 163 pounds, weight range is 115-192 so thats no problem. i've been running a consistant 3.7 miles in 20 minutes, go lift some weights then run again. harder to breath at this altitude although there is no humidity here either.

question though, hows the food? anything else i should be worried about?