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Originally Posted by Mad Max44 View Post
Thanks Whaler22 for all your great insight! I have a deal in place right now with a local dealer thats giving me a decent price on my '02 F-350 XLT DRW $22,000. But my problem is he said allocation was not a problem but the order was not pulled last Thursday! I'm calling him today to see if it was pulled last night, if not I'll go somewhere else, maybe even drive to Idaho. If he had the allocation I would have a order # by now, thanks again
You're very welcome.

If you find the Idaho price is best, and the locals will not come close enough to compensate for the trip, you're almost certainly money ahead to just sell your trade outright to a local dealer and then fly west to pick up your new truck.

Also, when I called Dave Smith Dodge/GM for my sister they had exactly what she wanted in stock. They had literally hundreds of trucks in stock.

Also, there is nothing quite as big as Dave Smith Dodge, but there are bigger GM dealers, and they may be closer AND in warmer areas of the country. If I were you I might get the quick Dave Smith price and see if a large dealer in Ohio/Michigan/Georgia - wherever - is willing to match it today. (There is a lot of snow out here right now, so it's not the best time to come get a new truck. It will be better driving through the mountains in six or eight weeks. But Texas and Georgia are good now.)

Last thought: The New York dealer that sold to my sister told her that the east coast emissions requirements were different, "... so any truck you buy in Idaho may require expensive modifications..." I assume that's a bald-faced lie, as I thought there was only one diesel emissions standard for our trucks, but I never looked into it. Guys on this site will know the answer to that.

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