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Originally Posted by wideopen;1858092;
That was last years DHRA Work Stock Class Champion Dale Calendar. That truck is a pulling machine.
after the pull was over, i went over there and shot the **** with that guy for 1/2 hour or so. he was hilarious! seemed like a damn good dude! you could tell, he was gonna have a good time, no matter what. i told him about the springfield pull, he said if the next one is on a friday night, he would try to make it down there. but plans on hitting most all the dhra pulls, which (he said) are usually on saturday nights.

Originally Posted by wideopen;1858097;
Dude don't worry about it you didn't know. I agree it would have been a good night to see him get smacked around ..especially after his begaining speach about how everyone there was a cheater.
im not really. it just kinda pisses me off. i've told several people about that pull. and was hoping for a bigger turnout than there was, and for him to pull some junk like that.

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