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Originally Posted by lasterLB7;1858047;
yea ashley wilson pretty much did win, i went to school with him, and he has a very strong runnin truck, and so does jeard lear, he had that cc/da that blew all that smoke.....but yea i kinda got board there...and the highlight of the night for me was when that wildcat dually almost got stuck in the mud!....and who was that in the red duramax dually....he was kinda of a old guy i think it had a stack in it??

that was randy caldwell. owner of western ky door. he was prolly drunk, and it was also his first pull. that same truck actually won last year (with my cousin driving it). he has bought 18 new trucks from wildcat within the last year, when he gets to number 24, his next one will be free!

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