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yeah, it was ****ty to say the least. that local dodge is NOT AS TOUGH AS HE THINKS IT IS. i pulled the same blue sled ("kentucky outlaw") peice of **** back on memorial day, and it was well past 300ft. i guarantee if the sled operator would have used the same "gearing" for everyone else as he did for the white dodge, that nearly everyone there would have pulled it outta the park. the red dodge would have pulled it to the farriswheel. as i said in another post, if anyone went there because of me tellin them about it, IM SORRY! i wouldnt have told anyone if i knew they were planning on cheating. and the sled-op nearly got his *** kicked, that was one of the better parts of the pull IMO.

i talked with the sponsor. according to him, next year WILL BE DIFFERENT! the options he told me about: 1) there will be a different sled in operation. 2) there wont be a truck pull at the fair. 3) he/wildcat chevrolet will not be the sponsor at the fair. now, just gotta wait till next year to find out whats gonna happen.

i suppose all in all, it could have very well been an "accident" and he actually messed up with the gearing. but i personally dont believe it, everyone in the crowd seen it (someone had it on video), and the sled-op made himself look like an ***.

anyhow after all the DQ's were said and done. Ashley Wilson with the red dodge won that class. so, congrats to him for a job well done.
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