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Originally Posted by myojunk;1838349;
have you guys been on the scales to see what ya weigh? shep, i remember you tellin me, but i forgot what it was.
I'm going by the rock quarry tomorrow to weigh mine. Unlike Shep I do have a toolbox,B&W,spare,and a bedmat. I'm for sure in the 7200 or better class.
I have an odd question: Since my alignment was off and the tires they rotated to the back are wore bad on the outside to none on the inside would it be benificial at reducing toe in at all to move them back to the front.? Just looking for that extra little bit
Shep, my phone took a dive off the deep end before I had a chance to teach it how to swim. The Rep is supposed to bring me one in the morning so I will give you a call when I recieve it.

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