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Originally Posted by myojunk;1838349;
have you guys been on the scales to see what ya weigh? shep, i remember you tellin me, but i forgot what it was.

My Reg Cab came in @ 6140lbs with...
33" Sport Kings on 16.5x9.75 12 hole wheels
1/2 tank of fuel
no spare tire
and me not in it
I also do not have a tool box, bed mat, 5th wheel, DMI bumper, brush guard, or other add ons that would add weight.

This year will be different. My lift supposedly added 150lbs. So unless a tailgate and a battery removed can make up for it, I'll be in the 7200lb class. I don't know if they are weighing w/ driver or not this time.

I'm going to the scale at co-op later today.
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