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well i got it all "did-up" today. heres a few pics. pretty similar to durabeast.

it comes out just a shade under the rear step of the bumper. mine measures 18 inches to the reciever, this adds about 5 3/4 inches or so. so if any of yall's recievers is higher (measured from the ground), it may have to be lowered down to work on yalls junk. i'll bring a few extra bolts and whatnot, just in case.

also, the "plug" in the bumper will have to be taken out. theres a 5/8's bolt to drop down through the hole where a ball would bolt up to. that part is also removeable, so if the inspectors where to raise hell about it being connected to the bumper. although without it, i do not believe the reciever hitch will survive very long..
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