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Originally Posted by JD4440;1829359;
I would hope this solid steel shank I bought wouldn't come apart
If he garanteed his work I might thing about it. Investing in something that expensive really leans on how many times I get to use it a year. It wouldn't be worth it to me to use it in springfield twice but if there were say 5 or more a year I might could manage.
I should have reinstalled my stock keys the other day when I had an alignment. I wanted to keep them in though b/c I'm thinking about that Cognito leveling kit in a little while. Taking my bolts completely out won't work for me I don't believe b/c the adjustments aren't equal. My drivers side has about two nuts worth of thread showing and the passenger side has at least 4---It's almost let all the way down. With the bolts out there isn't any way the threaded block can fall out is it? If it can happen it will happen to me.
You don't think mr. hillbilly inspector will say something about the adjustment bolts in that pullin' hitch not being 1" each do ya' ?
there are more pulls in the area. hopkinsville and dickson will have some as well.

taking the t-bar bolts out IS A MUST!! or at least lower them completely down. if you plan on pulling with the green keys, you may as well cut your tie-rods off with a torch....sleeves wont matter either, they will still break at the knuckle. pics in garage.

no, the threaded block will NOT fall out. it sits on the crossmember. only way for it to fall out, is to break in half, or rip through the crossmember.

me too. if it werent for bad luck, i wouldnt have any luck at all.

he shouldnt, there are 2 half (1/2") inch bolts. two halfs make a whole...

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