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A - Fuel Inject control - grn - to PCM

B - FSOL+ - lg red - to Fuel Solenoid

C - Closure ground - sm black - to PCM

D - +12v power - pink\blk - to ESO solenoid and IGN

E - Fuel inject signal - small red - to PCM

F - FSOL ground - lg black - to Fuel Solenoid and IP ground

FSD connections to 4-wire IP harness connector from PCM\IGN -

FSD A green to...........A IP connector

FSD C small black to....B IP conn

FSD D pink\black to.....C IP conn

FSD E small red to.......D IP conn

FSD B and F go to Fuel Solenoid on IP

Black ground wire attached to top of IP must be attached to top of IP
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