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Originally Posted by Scrufdog;1529413;

If anyone has a OBS style truck like mine with the HVAC controls the same as the ones in the attached picture, I need a favor.

My vent/floor/defrost vents have been acting funny and I want to see if the motor is flaking out or if the control panel is flaking out. I'd like to see if someone would meet up with me and let me pull their controls out and try them in mine to check.

For your inconvienance I can either throw some cash/beer/food or whatever at ya, or I can good ahead and install a high idle switch for you, since the dash panel will be off anyway. I have the wiring/switch/cpu harness pins needed to do this.

PM me if you can help. Thx
Hey Im not sure if you figured out your problem or not but I noticed that you have a aftermarket radio. Those HVAC controlls have an open circuit board and it is VERY common when installing a aftermarket radio to let either a RCA lead or the antenna adapter to drop down and touch an open trace on the board. There can be all types of problems depending on what gets fried. The best way to aviod this is to cover ALL exposed connections of the radio w/good electrical tape and to also "build" a cover to encase the bare circuit board. hope this helps.

sometimes the leads are repairable and are normally very obvious when you pull the controlls out.
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